Using A Bathtub Refinish Kit to Make Your Tub Look New Again

What are your options when your bathtub looks old and dingy? You have several, one would be to replace the entire tub with a new one, but that would be expensive. Another option that you would have would be to hire a professional to come in and refinish your bathtub again that will cost a lot of money. The last option would be you could purchase a bathtub refinishing kit that you will refinish your bathtub yourself. This is the one we will be talking about.

When you decide to refinish and not replace you will not only be saving yourself a lot of work, you will also be saving money. There are kits out on the marketplace now that will give you total instructions on how to do it step by step so you can easily do the task yourself in a weekend.

Preparing the Tub

To start you will need to have a clean tub, you will want to use non-abrasive cleaners to do this. You will need to remove all the dirt, oils, rust from the surface before you start the refinishing process. Once the tub is scrubbed make sure that you rinse it very well.

The next step may be to sand the surface with wet sandpaper. Each kit would be different, and this may not be part of your process, but usually, it is. Wet sand the entire surface then rinse once again, after you did that you will want to let the tub dry before moving on to the next step.

After you finished the previous steps usually you will have to apply primer reducer, this will remove any traces of the cleaners and allows the new primer surface to bond for a watertight seal. This step is easy and can be applied with a paper towel.

Taping off the surfaces that will be painted will be the final step before painting. You will want to make sure that you have everything taped off that will not be getting a new coating of paint. You can use plastic bags for areas that need taping off and are hard to reach with regular tape. Apply the primer to the tub per the directions and let it dry.


You can either use a paint roller or paint sprayer, either one will give you the desired results. When painting or applying the primer, make sure you have good ventilation. Open the windows, turn on the fan, or bring in a small fan to circulate the air.

Each manufacturer’s instruction may vary, but the usual time for the topcoat of the bathtub paint will be about 48 hours before you can get in and use water in the bathtub.

The bathtub refinishes kits make it easy to do it yourself and look like a professional did it while you know you did it yourself and saved money.  However, if you reside in Harris County TX, and need bathtub refinishing in Houston, then make sure to contact the Pros.