How to Get the Best Results When Refinishing Your Old Bathtub

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Replacing a worn-out bathtub may be expensive, however, you can re-glaze the old tub that you have and it will look like new. This is also known as resurfacing the bathtub and can be done as a weekend project. The longest part of the re-glazing would be letting it dry after you paint it.

The easiest way to do the refinishing of the bathtub would be to buy a kit to refinish the tub and make it look new. This is an easy do it yourself weekend project. Before you start the project you will want to make sure that you read the instructions and you understand it. You don’t want to be in the middle of the project and you have a question or a problem with what the next step is. Some of the steps you won’t be able to stop in the middle to restart.

When you buy a kit you will receive professional-grade, high gloss porcelain-like finish. Many kits will give you a spray-on application, and you probably will have epoxy in the box. Some of the products will work on fiberglass, but some won’t so if you have a fiberglass tub you need to read the instructions to make sure that the kit you are purchasing does work on fiberglass. When you buy a kit, you will also want to read about cleaning up after you have refinished your tub or sink if you are doing a sink. Some will clean up better than others.

Before you start the project you will have to clean the tub, this usually isn’t included in the kit. So before you leave the store you may want to ask about purchasing cleaners for the tub. You will want to get a cleaner that will remove grease and soap buildup to make sure that you have a really clean surface to start from. One thing that some kits won’t give you but is a time saver would be a tack rag, which will remove the dust from sanding more efficiently. You can always pick one of these up at an auto parts store.

There are videos online that will show you how to resurface your old tub, we would suggest you watch one or several of them so that you know what to expect before you start the project. Researching before starting will be the best way to prevent problems in the middle of the project.

The kits will give you the step by step, and many offer technical assistance lines that you can call in if you have any questions about their products. With a little work, you will have a tub looking like new in no time. However, if you don’t have time or the patience to reglaze your bathtub, we suggest contacting the Chicago Bathtub refinishing pros for a free quote.