Do It Yourself Bathtub Refinish in A Weekend

There are kits on the market that you can purchase and it will include all the items that you need so that you can make this project a do it yourself weekend project. This used to be something that was very expensive and only left to professionals, but now it is easy to do yourself.

There are a few steps to do this. You will first want to prepare the tub; you will want to get off any slip-strips that may be attached to the bottom of the tub. Then you will need to degrease and clean the tub with abrasive cleaners. You need to use a degreaser because of all the oils from the soaps and shampoos that have been used over the years will leave a film of soap scum on the tub.

Once the tub is cleaned, you will want to sand the tub and this will remove the glass and get it ready for the epoxy coating that you will have to put on the tub as the first step in the refinishing process. If you sand the tub while the water is running, like a wet sanding it will be easier to clean the grit from the sanding will be washed down the drain.

Once you have it sanded, and dried, you will want to tape off and protect the things you won’t want to paint, like the faucets, and maybe the railings from the sliding glass doors if you have sliding glass doors on your shower and tub. Using plastic bags will help cover the faucets.

After that is done you will want to follow the instructions that you got with your kit. Usually, the next step is to apply the epoxy and then the paint using a brush and a roller. To get a more professional finish you will want to brush everything in the same direction. It is better to put on 2 light coats than one thick coat. You will want to wear gloves and have the windows open and maybe a fan to move the air so you are not breathing in all the fumes.

Now you just let it dry, usually, 24-48 hours you will be able to clean up by caulking the corners and around the tub to finish the project.

With the bathtub refinishing kits it’s now easier to do this yourself as a weekend project.